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Interview Tips

Congratulations, you have secured an interview for your ideal job. Now is the time to make sure you spend adequate time preparing and practising for your interview. Keep in mind that a positive impression made during interview is paramount to you securing this position.


How well do you know the company you are wishing to join?  Conduct sufficient research including the company’s website and be sure to read up on any other accessible material relating to the company. (E.g. Brochures, news articles, etc).  Your Platinum People Solutions Consultant will give you an overview of the company including the structure and culture, your position description, and relevant information about the interviewers.

Professional Strengths and Weaknesses/ areas for improvement

Get to know yourself, and ask others for feedback regarding your strengths. Weaknesses are areas for improvement and steps you are undertaking to improve on these. For example, it may be that you are lacking in experience in a certain area but improving this by undertaking further education, or seeking ways to gain experience firsthand, etc. Or it may be a strength which if over-done, can get in your way and become a weakness.

Career goals

It is important to establish your professional goals and career path and be able to speak about them with clarity.


Keep in mind convincing examples of your achievements to share during the interview to assure the interviewer of why you are the best person for the role.

Your CV

You should be familiar with and be able to convey the information contained on your CV. 

Interview Questions

Be prepared to answer the following questions during the interview process. You may like to rehearse the interview, and practice giving job-winning answers to the interview questions.

Tell me about yourself.
Share a concise description of yourself, including your key qualifications.

What are your strengths?  What are your weaknesses? What have been your greatest achievements? What did you like/ dislike about your previous role? 
Speak about your key interests. Focus on areas you particularly enjoyed, and draw parallels back to the new role. Do not speak in a negative way about your past employers as this reflects upon your professionalism.

What do you know about the company? 
This question is an opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of the organisation and industry. Talk about the research you did into the company's key areas of interest, its size, its main customers or current status, making reference to your source of information. Be sure to summarise what interests you about working for the company and your enthusiasm for the position offered.

How do you work under pressure? Tell us about a challenging situation you have experience in your last role.
This will demonstrate your approach to problem solving and highlight you strengths and abilities. Be prepared to speak of an example where the situation was caused by external influences beyond your control. Detail your actions undertaken to successfully deal with the challenges, and the positive outcome you achieved.

Why are you leaving your current position and why did you leave your past Employers?
Be able to articulate what is motivating you to seek change, such as a greater challenge and responsibility. Explain how you believe the role being offered presents an opportunity for growth that will make full use of your potential and strengths/ qualifications.

Questions to Ask the Employer

Asking the interviewer logical, well thought out, pertinent questions indicates a high degree of interest in the company. Just as important, the answers to your questions will provide you information and insight into the company that will assist you in making good career decisions. Once you have a sense of the company or the particular division, prepare three to four logical, well-defined questions for the interview. Express questions in your own style and be prepared to answer questions that will arise.

Does the company have plans for expansion?
What do you like best about your job or company?
Do you fill positions from the outside or promote from within first?
Where does this position fit into the organisational structure?


The interview is your opportunity to convince a potential employer that you are the strongest candidate amongst tough competition. No matter how compelling you appear on paper, it is the impression you make in person that is the deciding factor. Give yourself the best chance to make a great impression with these tips.


Punctuality will indicate strongly to your prospective employer your professionalism and enthusiasm for the role. Your Platinum People Solutions Consultant will have confirmed with you the time and address of the interview. You should research directions and parking, and aim to arrive 10 minutes early. Bring any required documentation and the phone number of the person you will be meeting with in case of an emergency. Turn off your mobile phone and do not bring any other electronic devices into the interview.

Your Presentation

Your appearance conveys how serious you are about the role, and how you would represent the company in the future.  Your Consultant will be able to inform you of appropriate company attire. Your dress should be neat and professional. Pay attention to details such as shiny clean shoes.

Confident and positive body language is vital. Be aware of how you are seated: sit upright and do not cross your arms or fiddle with hair or objects. This is your opportunity to shine with a great attitude and enthusiasm for the role.

Greet with Confidence

A positive first impression counts. Make sure you know the name of the interviewer/s in advance. Greet your interviewer standing, with a firm, dry handshake, good eye contact and a friendly smile. Find out the name of the interviewer or the interview panel in advance.  Speak clearly and professionally, conveying genuine enthusiasm.

During the Interview

Let the person conducting the interview take the lead and ask the set questions. Where appropriate, ask relevant questions to ensure you have a solid understanding of the job description and expectations.  Remember to market yourself to the best of your ability. Talk about measurable successes that you have achieved in current or past roles.  These could be individual achievements or team based achievements.

A Lasting Impression

Close the interview with a handshake, a smile and a genuine thank you. Restating your keen interest for the role could be a deciding factor as to whether you are offered the job.

Following the Interview

Following the interview, your Platinum People Solutions consultant will contact you for your feedback to determine your level of interest in the job opportunity and will as soon as possible discuss relevant feedback from the client.

We wish you a successful interview!

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